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This is indeed bad news.

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Looking Ahead …

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Our 2014 wine is still in the barrel and our winemaker, Rob Hall, thinks it’s a cracker, being very similar to the 2013.  We had a similar issue with quantity of fruit from our growers in 2014, only being able to supply us with half of what we asked for but the quality was outstanding!  Bring on the 2015 Yarra Valley Wine Show!

Our 2013 Pinot awarded Silver Medal

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silver medal

Some breaking news … Last week our Wupy do 2013 Pinot Noir achieved a Silver medal at the 2014 Yarra Valley Wine Show. A fantastic result that we are very proud of.

Of the last four Pinot’s we’ve produced, three have picked up Silver Medals and one a Bronze Medal at the Yarra Valley Wine Show.  I don’t believe there is another boutique producer that can boast this, and there certainly isn’t a Pinot under $50 a bottle that can boast this – we’re very happy.  We’re still on the hunt for the illusive Gold.  

Our 2014 is still in the barrel and our winemaker, Rob Hall, thinks it’s a cracker, so we’re hoping, bring on the 2015 Show.  

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal supporters who purchase our wine each year. Thanks Again.